Inches, Pennies, and Seconds

Have you ever thought about the fact that all big things are made up small things? A million dollars is just of bunch of dollars, a dollar is a bunch of pennies. A year is a bunch of days which are made of a bunch of hours which are made up of a bunch of […]

Small Business Matters

Small Business Matters    In my last blog, An Unmet Demand for Small Industrial Buildings. How is the Spartanburg Industrial Market Impacted? ,I discussed how the unmet demand for small industrial buildings was particularly important because many of the small industrial users are local, small to mid sized businesses. I touched on the importance of […]

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Spartanburg’s Industrial Real Estate Vs Other Nearby Markets

A few weeks ago, I compared Spartanburg’s to Greenville’s industrial real estate market (Read Here). This blog will expand the comparison of Spartanburg’s industrial real estate market to other nearby markets (Charleston, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Savannah) and address these questions: Inventory: What did the industrial inventories look like 10 years ago, what do they look […]

Cold Storage Is Cool

An industrial real estate boom. A global pandemic that has shifted trade activity and global supply chain. An increased awareness for food safety. Changes in consumer preferences. …And an increase in demand for cold storage? In this blog, I will unpack how these factors, among others, have led to the surge in demand for cold […]

Creating the Most Value for an Industrial Property.

One of the most fun and interesting parts of commercial real estate is creating value with an existing property! This blog is written for the owner user or landlord who owns an industrial building with value add potential. Let’s discuss how to increase the value of a property for potential buyers, tenants, or to generate […]

Spartanburg vs Greenville Industrial Real Estate 

A comparison between Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina’s Industrial Real Estate Markets.   If you are familiar with the Upstate of South Carolina, I’ll state something pretty obvious: Spartanburg and Greenville are growing together. The 35+/- miles that separates downtown Spartanburg to downtown Greenville are filled with growing towns and new developments that are making […]

The Value Creator

Commercial Real Estate and Creativity As a business economics major, I appreciate how decisions in commercial real estate are based on logics, numbers and the current global, national, and local economy. Although most decisions in commercial real estate are made on a financial calculator, there is a creative, dynamic, and fun side to this business […]

To My Fellow Young Professionals

As a young professional in commercial real estate, I relate to other entrepreneurs on a few things: I don’t have a salary job. I set my own schedule. I decide what I am going to do when I go to work every day.   The flexibility is nice, but it means that my success, failures, […]

An Industrial Real Estate Update- Show Me the Data!

The Industrial Market in Spartanburg S.C. If you live in or have visited the Upstate of South Carolina, you may have noticed the industrial market is doing quite well. And if you don’t know the Upstate area of South Carolina, you may have seen the area pop up on the national charts as a prime […]