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Hello! My name is Emma H. McDaniel and welcome to my real estate blog. As a Business Economics major at Wofford College, a third generation in my family to be a real estate agent, and a woman who has a great love for our community, I am looking forward to sharing with you what I discover as I engage with people, explore places, and learn about different sectors of our market. 

Emma McDaniel Commercial Real Estate Agent

Small Business Matters

Small Business Matters    In my last blog, An Unmet Demand for Small Industrial Buildings. How is the Spartanburg Industrial Market Impacted? ,I discussed how

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Cold Storage Is Cool

An industrial real estate boom. A global pandemic that has shifted trade activity and global supply chain. An increased awareness for food safety. Changes in

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The Value Creator

Commercial Real Estate and Creativity As a business economics major, I appreciate how decisions in commercial real estate are based on logics, numbers and the

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