Spartanburg vs Greenville Industrial Real Estate 

A comparison between Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina’s Industrial Real Estate Markets.   If you are familiar with the Upstate of South Carolina, I’ll state something pretty obvious: Spartanburg and Greenville are growing together. The 35+/- miles that separates downtown Spartanburg to downtown Greenville are filled with growing towns and new developments that are making […]

The Value Creator

Commercial Real Estate and Creativity As a business economics major, I appreciate how decisions in commercial real estate are based on logics, numbers and the current global, national, and local economy. Although most decisions in commercial real estate are made on a financial calculator, there is a creative, dynamic, and fun side to this business […]

To My Fellow Young Professionals

As a young professional in commercial real estate, I relate to other entrepreneurs on a few things: I don’t have a salary job. I set my own schedule. I decide what I am going to do when I go to work every day.   The flexibility is nice, but it means that my success, failures, […]

An Industrial Real Estate Update- Show Me the Data!

The Industrial Market in Spartanburg S.C. If you live in or have visited the Upstate of South Carolina, you may have noticed the industrial market is doing quite well. And if you don’t know the Upstate area of South Carolina, you may have seen the area pop up on the national charts as a prime […]

Habits, Finances….and Bamboo?

Twenty Four. In the past twelve months, I have read twenty four books that fall into the category of personal development or business. One book that really made an impact was Atomic Habits, a #1 New York Times Bestseller written by James Clear. Habits are more fun to talk about than they are to execute! […]

What Are You Doing With Your Lunch Money?

Over the Summer, I have been spending time with my Godson who just turned 5 years old. It has been a while since I have spent time with a young child, but his imagination, curiosity, and self- confidence reminds me how young children are so fearless in their dreams. As children, we had dreams of […]

Inflation’s Impact on the Commercial Real Estate Sectors

To state it simply, one way or another Inflation is impacting us all. Either consciously or subconsciously, these changes in prices impact our behaviors and decisions. Here’s a run down of inflation’s impact on commercial real estate thus far.   Inflation Inflation is Impacting Consumer Behavior According to a recent article, “Where Americans Are Cutting […]

Puerto Rico’s Industrial and Manufacturing Sector- Going Beyond the Data

Oh yes, my friend. It’s that time of year. As we watch the classes of 2022 graduate and the days grow longer, we begin to think about Summer. One experience I am looking forward to this summer is visiting Puerto Rico with my family. Growing up, whenever I traveled with my family, my dad would […]

Cap Rates: Two words that will help you decide your next real estate investment

Let’s be honest: Commercial Real Estate Can be Complex. This is true in the broad sense of commercial real estate; every category of commercial properties requires a unique set of factors to understand and consider. When I asked our Broker in Charge at McDaniel and Company what he thinks is one of the most important […]