Inflation’s Impact on the Commercial Real Estate Sectors

To state it simply, one way or another Inflation is impacting us all. Either consciously or subconsciously, these changes in prices impact our behaviors and decisions. Here’s a run down of inflation’s impact on commercial real estate thus far.   Inflation Inflation is Impacting Consumer Behavior According to a recent article, “Where Americans Are Cutting […]

Puerto Rico’s Industrial and Manufacturing Sector- Going Beyond the Data

Oh yes, my friend. It’s that time of year. As we watch the classes of 2022 graduate and the days grow longer, we begin to think about Summer. One experience I am looking forward to this summer is visiting Puerto Rico with my family. Growing up, whenever I traveled with my family, my dad would […]

Cap Rates: Two words that will help you decide your next real estate investment

Let’s be honest: Commercial Real Estate Can be Complex. This is true in the broad sense of commercial real estate; every category of commercial properties requires a unique set of factors to understand and consider. When I asked our Broker in Charge at McDaniel and Company what he thinks is one of the most important […]

Spartanburg, South Carolina. A Logistical Powerhouse from the late 19th Century to Today.

In my last blog post, Big Opportunities in a Small Town, I mentioned a fact about the Upstate of South Carolina that deserves more attention: CCIM Commercial Investments 2022 Winter Magazine cited Greenville-Spartanburg as one of the top three best locations in North America for distribution.  The Upstate is well positioned geographically to support efficient […]

Big Opportunities in a Small Town

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to take a class in Greek history and culture and travel with my classmates and professors to Greece as part of the course. We began our trip in Athens and traveled up the country until we reached Thessaloniki. For ten days, we were immersed in Greek […]